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Wind Tower Measurements


towerEGNATIA ROM designed and developed a wind measurement tower adapted to the Romanian conditions. The tower is installed so far in more than 100 locations, in 5 countries. The tower can be heighten up to 132 m. EGNATIA ROM can supply and install the tower and the measuring equipment, according to the customer’s request.


Lattice tower, hot deep galvanized, supported by guy ropes with minimized foundation, able to be installed at high altitudes and harsh terrains. It is consisted of 6m triangular sections which make the tower cost effective and adjustable at desirable heights from 0 m to 102 m.

Technical Characteristics:

Available heights from 30 m to 102 m; Statistically studied according to Eurocode EC1, EC3; Verified according to local regulations; Hot deep galvanized structure; Triangular lattice tower tubular section; Wind resistance 36 m/s (Safety factor 1.5); Equivalent wind resistance 54 m/s.

The System Consists:

Foundation study and implementation; Grounding System-Lightning Protection; 6m hot deep galvanized triangular (450 mm side) sections up to the desirable height; all accessories to mount the tower; Guy ropes system to support the structure; Color marking; Aviation Lights System; Booms and necessary supports for anemometers and wind vanes.


Complete and technically verified solution; Fully harmonized according to IEC 614000-12-1; Certified according to international standards; Robust and light construction; Easy transportation, installation and utilization; Cost effective solution; No maintenance during winter; Adoptable solution according to the needs of the project.