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The unit is specialized in high quality cast products. Applying state-of-the-art casting technologies, it boasts modern production lines, a specialized research and development department for the development of new products, a machine and thermal processing department and a quality control lab. It currently holds one of the leading positions in Europe in the category of high quality industrial casting units. Among its clients, Egnatia Foundry counts the Public Power Corporation of Greece, Aluminum of Greece, METKA, TITAN, the Navy, Hellenic Petroleum SA and other companies of similar range.

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Egnatia TEKA was the first company created by the Group. Since 1989, it specializes in the construction, supervision and maintenance of private projects striving to provide quality and diversified services. Its substantial portfolio of more than 900,000 m2 of executed works, includes residential buildings, business premises, retail stores and industrial buildings, mainly located in Northern Greece. Its steadily growing presence in the sector bears evidence to the confidence and loyalty of its client base. The strategy underlying its success also constitutes the value base that supports its plans for the next two years. These plans include particularly ambitious projects for country houses.

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The company is active in the production of prefabricated housing cubicles made of polyurethane panels and rockwool for special uses with strict requirements with regard to heat permeability, resistance and water tightness. Focusing on the product development department, Shelter SA has the capacity to develop any new product according to the client needs whether intended to shelter people, special activities or special equipment. The company’s vast core customer base is its best proof of reliability.

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The unit produces metallic structures with a fully automated production line. Using CNC machines and disposing of a special design and analysis department, it is in position to produce high quality new products, providing the Group’s partners with rapidly developed solutions. Among its clients, Egnatia AETTEK counts Cosmote, Wind, Vodafone, the Public Power Corporation of Greece and construction companies seeking for high-level quality and reliability.

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The company elaborates all the necessary designs and studies (architectural, static, electromechanical, environmental, fire protection, safety and hygiene) and carries out the formalities to apply for and obtain all the required permits in order to begin and accomplish the projects finally realized by the other companies of the Group. It offers flexibility to the operation of the other members of the Group and one more valuable service to every collaborating company.



telecomEGNATIA TEL SA undertakes high technology requirement construction projects, from their first design phases to their final good performance assurance.

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